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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Aku ketemu sebuah website yang membahas tentang adenium dengan info yang bagus, sangat berguna untuk pecinta adenium. Site yang menjelaskan Adenium itu apa? Berasal dari mana? Apa saja musuh adenium, jenis nya dll.

Ini aku quoted ...

Adeniums have been, till recently, comparatively rare and high value succulents. In part this was because they are somewhat difficult and slow under cool conditions and in part due to the need for cross pollination to set seed. The rather complex floral structure means than hand pollination technique is not obvious.

Thus, in the Western countries, where multiple clones were available, slow growth and closed greenhouses meant little seed set while in tropical Asia, where seed set would have been possible, there was, for a long time there was only one clone- "Singapore"; it set no seed and was propagated by cuttings (I believe this clone is male sterile) with its primary use being in landscaping., there was, for a long time only one clone and so no seed set- the cultivar "Singapore" which was propagated by cuttings.

More details bisa baca-baca disini


Aku juga baru notice kalau sebenarnya Adenium ku saat ini banyak yang lagi sakit :(.
I don't know why? yang jelas bugs, pets, spider dll sedang nyerang adeniumku. Sebenarnya sih udah nyadar sejak lama tapi itu dia aku suka males :p makanya ada beberapa yang akhirnya mati hiks...

"Aphids on the Adenium cultivar Calypso: for some reason this hybrid is usually the first one to show aphid infestation. This pest, like many others, is closely associated with ants as can be seen in the picture. We try and follow the ants to locate the nest and destroy that in addition to treating the aphids."

More details klik sini aja.

Iya deh segini aja info nya. Semoga berguna... maaf gak sempet translate :D tar deh kalau sempet OK ;-)

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